Private lesson (1 player):
$70/hour or $35/half hour (Coach Dan, Head Instructor, Certified USPTA Professional) - Currently has waiting list.
$60/hour or $30/half hour (Coach Anna, Asst Instructor) -- Currently has waiting list.

Dan's Comment on Private Lessons: The 1-on-1 format normally produces the quickest improvement in the student's game.

  • Completely individualized attention.
  • The most rapid improvement.
  • By far the best format in which to "fix" a stroke.
  • Full activity for the entire lesson.
  • Unlimited full-court hitting time with the pro.
  • For advanced players, a great opportunity to compete with the pro.

Semi-Private lesson (2 players):
$35/hour per person

Dan's Comment on Semi-Private Lessons: This format works best if the two players sharing the lesson are close enough in skills to be able to compete with one another. Semi-private lessons offer an effective mixture of peer companionship and individualized instruction.


  • Cost is shared between two players.
  • Student has a peer for company.
  • Lots of individual attention.
  • Almost constant activity for both players.
  • Competing with the lesson partner facilitates intensive singles instruction

Group lesson (3-4+ players):
$25/hour per person

Dan's Comment on Group Lessons: Group lessons are probably the most common format in which students learn tennis. The structure of group lessons begins with groups of three or four. The amount of hitting time and instruction is inversely proportional to the group size, so smaller is almost always better. Generally speaking, adults will learn faster and more soundly with an experienced pro. In general, kids learn gradually and have a lot of fun in group lessons.


  • Fairly low cost: $25 per hour.
  • Smaller groups (3-4) offer some individualized attention.
  • A well organized group will keep all of the kids/students active most of the time.
  • Singles and doubles instruction can be part of the lesson.
  • Low pressure, group games are often lively and very enjoyable.

‚Äč*Payment Policy*-- Payment is expected on the day of, or in advance of lesson.  A late charge of $15 will be charged if lesson is not paid for at the time or in advance.   Weather cancellations/reschedules will be solely determined by Dan Burch. 
*No-Show Policy*-- Cancellation on private lessons must be made 24 hours in advance or student will be billed for lesson. There are no refunds on skipped group lessons.  This policy will bestrictly  enforced.